San Antonio Spurs Head Coach: The Second Amendment Is a 'Myth' and a 'Joke'

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich made headlines with his latest anti-gun rights comments during a pregame media availability. Popovich, who has made a career out of being a vocal critic of the Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association, referred to the constitutional right to bear arms as a "myth" and a "joke". It's always entertaining to hear a basketball coach give us their take on politics, isn't it?

Popovich's latest comments were made in the aftermath of the Nashville shooting, which was committed by a transgender person. Of course, it makes perfect sense to blame the Second Amendment for this tragic incident. It's not like the shooter had any personal responsibility or agency in the matter.

It's also amusing to see Popovich criticize Texas officials for allowing more guns. Texas, a state with a long history of gun ownership, is simply upholding the constitutional rights of its citizens by allowing them to exercise their Second Amendment rights. But what would a basketball coach know about constitutional law anyway?

Finally, Popovich's dismissal of Senator Ted Cruz's proposal to expand school resource officers is nothing short of hilarious. After all, why would we want to protect our children in schools? It's much more important to score political points by attacking our elected officials.

It's always a treat to hear basketball coaches offer their political opinions. Popovich's latest comments on gun rights were both entertaining and insightful. We can only hope that more sports figures will continue to offer their takes on complex political issues that they clearly know so much about.

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